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About Us

AM IT Solutions Corporation (AMITS) was created to provide companies with information technology services and, systems and software solutions. Our goal is simple; we want to assist your company in maximizing its productivity. We are a team of seasoned IT professionals, having knowledge to a high level of technical expertise, ensuring our capabilities in implementing solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver and implement technology advancements and solutions that are essential in resolving process gaps,
and optimizing productivity and performance, from small and medium sized companies to large organizations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a trusted leader of innovation and modern technology..

Our Experience

Application Support
Database Design
System Integration
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Our Services

According to studies, it is indisputable that computerized systems are becoming the backbone of busines processes.
Benefits such as, but not limited to, expense reduction, process improvements, and quality of product outputs are spectacularly achievable with automation.
You can achieve your organization’s vision with the help of AMITS' services.

Custom Software Development

AM IT Solutions Corporation (AMITS) specializes in customizing solutions. From our collection of programs and software packages that are loaded and stored in our library, we can design your applications to address your specific business needs, keeping in mind your company’s infrastructure, branding and implementation requirements.

Integrated Enterprise Solutions

The primary purpose of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System is to automate business processes, making the business more efficient by improving its processes. In order to get its benefits, businesses need to integrate their ERP system with their other systems. This can often be difficult; the challenges of ERP integration involve both the age and architecture of the systems, and the need to integrate new applications and systems into the original ERP.


AMITS is bound to helping clients without IT team who manages sytems and IT infrastructures. With this service, it allows a better user experience and a more up-to-date service to clients.

Multi-platform application

Our developments are not limited to a single environment. We can configure our programs to run on two or more operating environments, catering to almost all media platforms, integrating current software applications to work well with our products and other services.

Managed Services

To stay up to date with cutting-edge technology, it is imperative that companies have access to necessary technical skills that will help address a wide range of issues related to cost, quality of service, and risk. We can help strategize business processes (and services) to improve your operations.


Our services come with a flexible support plan where every client benefits. We practice effective methodology that helps us deliver the right approach to solutions in a timely manner.

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